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Outdoor artist, based in Yokohama. Started exchanges with muralists in San Diego after he produced a wall painting at the Yokohama Exotic Showcase in 1989. Co-produced and taught children. collaborated with Chicano artist in San Diego in 1990 and 1991.

1983 3 Private exhibition held at Iwasaki Museum in Yokohama city.
1989 5 Wall paint at Yokohama Exhibition International Exchange Pavilion.

12 Visit to San Diego, CA. U.S.A. and activated for three months.
1990 4 Awarded a written declaration of appreciation by the City Mayor of San Diego.

5 Wall painted 170m in length of construction fence for Land Mark Tower Bldg.

Participated in the Wall paintings of Barcelona/Yokohama city Creation Event/Yokohama
1991 4 Live session with BO-GUMBOS and several other musicians in Tokyo.

6 Live paint in New York/Washington Square Garden
1992 2 Awarded a peace prize in San Diego at the Bob Marley 50th Anniversary of Birth Memorial Concert.

10 Participated in live paint for the Yokohama Jazz Promenade '92.

In charge of all visual relation from the following year of above event.
1993 9 Participated in San Diego/Yokohama Modern Art Exhibition in San Diego city.

Private exhibition held at Installation Gallery in California.

11 Produced an art object at Kanagawa University Hiratsuka Campus.
1994 2 Wall painted the construction fence for underground parking for New Yokohama Portside Area.

(450m in length from 3/1997) as of above
1995 11 Painted the exterior of Yokohama city operated (Y loop) buses.
1996 3 Participated for NICAF ‘95(Nippon International Contemporary Art Festival

Live painted a car and also a silhouette of 108 people at above festival.

7 Private exhibition held at Gallery Nayuta, Yokohama.

10 Live paint of a car at Hakone Open Air Museum
1997 1 Wall painted the Carnation Bldg. and Art Center.

4 Live paint and live session at Art Messe ’97 in Keikyu Department Store in Yokohama.

11 Displayed an installation in front of the Tokyo Modern Art Museum.
1998 12 Wall painted "COLOR MESSENGER" in Tokyo, Japan
1999 5 Wall paint at Harajuku Clean ‘99 in Shibuya-ward, Tokyo.

(17m wall in Front of Harajuku Post Office,30m at CAT’S st.)

7 Work shop at Yokohama City Art Research Association and Aoki Elementary School

9 Workshop with 400 children at Chigasaki Elementary School of Kanagawa prefecture.

9 Private exhibition at Gallery Paris in Yokohama city.

10 Awarded the Cultural Encouragement Award of Yokohama City of the art division

Participated for the San Diego Art Project and painted phone boxes.

Phone boxes in downtown, San Diego.

12 Workshop with 130 children of Ohka Elementary School in Yokohama.

12 Produced interior wall paint for the Chunan Trust Association Bank in Odawara city, Japan
2000 1 Performed live session for Hi-Vision broadcast program of Japan Broadcasting Corporation

With Akira Sakata at Shibuya-ward, Tokyo for above

2 Private exhibition at Citizens floor at Yokohama Sogo Department Store.